Opus B is All in One Business application that can use for managing daily operation of an Organzation such as Sales, Procurement, Accounting, Inventory, etc. With OPUS B ERP you will improving your efficiency and consistent data.

  • OpusB ERP is a modern ERP that can be deployed on premise or cloud
  • OpusB ERP has many streamlined process for various industries
  • OpusB ERP developed by BERCA HARDAYAPERKASA, which is one of the BEST in implementing ERP

No, it is not only for large organizations. Essentially, OpusB ERP System focuses on all size organizations and every company will have the need for transparency and consistency in document versioning in order to reduce unnecessary costs

Definitely. OPUS B can be Implemented modular basis. Anytime client needs a new module, OPUS B will be able to support client’s requirements. OPUS B will grow as you grow.

Yes, OpusB support Multiple Organization ( Branches ) and Multiple Warehouses.

Yes, OpusB support multiple Currencies and also we support multiple Languange ( English – Bahasa ).

Sure, OpusB can be integrated with other application using webservice.

Of Course, OpusB is pure Internet Architecture. You just need Browser and Internet to access OpusB.

You can email us at info@opusb.id, and our staff will contact you.